Model 360 Uncaser and Case Packer for Bottles

Uncaser and case packer for bottles

This new 2-in-one design simultaneously uncases empty bottles from reshipper cases while place packing full bottles, utilizing only one machine, in one location, with no labor. This innovative machine will increase line productivity by eliminating manual uncasing and case packing; reducing bottle breakage and label damage; and ensuring a consistent bottle supply to the production line.

Here's how it works:

As the bottle transfer head lowers to the conveyor, one side of the head grips the load of filled bottles for case packing. It cycles the bottles into the waiting case, and as they are packed, the other side of the head locates the empty bottles in the adjacent case. As the bottle transfer head returns to the conveyor, it carries empty bottles to be filled.

After unpacking, the emptied case moves to the packing station where it is packed with filled bottles and transfers to case sealing. Meanwhile, the empty bottles travel by conveyor in a loop for cleaning, filling, capping and labeling- then back to the Model 360 where they are packed into the emptied cases.

The cases move in a straight line from depalletizing through unpacking and case packing, then on to top case sealing and palletizing.

  • Model 360 operation

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  • Compact design

    Compact design This compact uncaser / case packer saves valuable floor space with its 2-in-1 design. It utilizes 1/2 the floor space required for separate uncasers and case packers.
  • Reduce labor and increase efficiency

    Reduce labor and increase efficiency The Model 360 uncaser / case packer can replace both the manual uncasing and case packing labor, reducing costs while increasing productivity.
  • No-drop bottle handling reduces breakage

    No-drop bottle handling reduces breakage
The bottles are maintained under complete control throughout handling. The gripper head gently lifts the bottles by gripping them gently and protect the container closure. Bottles are not dropped, but lowered gently to the unloading conveyor during uncasing. During case packing, bottles are lowered through a packing grid with fingers that ensure proper alignment with case cells, and lowered until the bottles reach the bottom of the case.
  • Case packer maintains highest container integrity

    Case packer maintains highest container integrity The packing head has multiple grippers that gently and firmly hold each bottle during uncasing and case packing. Labels are protected during case packing by the shifting head that separates the bottles slightly prior to loading. This action prevents the bottles from contact with other bottles, the case, or the partitions during case packing.
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