Model 450 - Case erector sealing with soy-based cool adhesive

Helping you reach your sustainability goals while improving productivity and reducing costs

  • Variable speed from 20-50 cases per minute
  • Floor level KD case magazine eliminates heavy lifting
  • Patented features for square cases
  • Quick, no tools changeover
  • Features to handle poor corrugated and uneven case stacks
  • Stainless steel frame- welded and bolted for strength and durability

H.B. Fuller Liquamelt® Benefits:

  • Best value, bio-friendly- Up to 50% greater adhesive mileage
  • Low cost renewable materials, reduced energy costs
  • Wide temperature resistance range: -40°F to 140°F
  • No tank preheat- Less than 20 minute cold starts
  • No thermal shock or refill, no heated tanks or hoses

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