300 Series - Case erector, adhesive or tape, 15-25 cpm

Adhesive case erector

Tape case erector

The Model 300 series box erector is a solid proof that you don’t need to sacrifice quality or production to save on your capital equipment costs. This economical erector is a lower speed model of A-B-C’s industry-leading 330 erector series, and built with the same case squaring features, dedication to quality construction and reliable performance that have been the hallmark of our brand since 1940.

It’s the box erector/ sealer that will deliver big ticket performance on your packaging line.

Seal 15-25 cases per minute - squarely and securely

  • Floor level KD case magazine eliminates heavy lifting
  • Features to handle poor corrugated and uneven case stacks
  • Reliable mechanical case opening arm that "over-opens" major flaps for smooth inner flap folding
  • Rugged rear flap tucker that securely folds the trailing inner flap
  • Walking beam squares cases during transfer
  • Top and bottom case drive maintains square through tape application
  • Quick, no tools changeover
  • Heavy steel box frame construction- welded and bolted for strength and durability
  • Adhesive or tape sealing