Case erector accepts poor corrugated and keeps on running

A-B-C case erectors are designed for smooth operation in your real world production environment, with features to run poor corrugated and uneven kd stacks, while ensuring proper case feed for consistent, high speed operation. Here’s how A-B-C case erectors accommodate less than perfect corrugated:

  • Top feed case magazine provides easy feeding of warped and band-marked cases
  • Dual-gripper case feed is spring-loaded and adjusts automatically to feed from uneven stacks
  • Cases are opened by gripping the flap, which is over-opened to ensure smooth inner flap folding, even on cases with out-of-spec manufacturer’s joints.

Plus, these erectors give you even more, with added production-proven features for top performance from your line.

  • Ergonomic case magazine that eliminates lifting of kd stacks
  • Rugged rear flap tucker that securely folds the trailing inner flap
  • Patented features for square cases
  • Case-squaring compression/sealing device
  • Heavy steel box frame construction- welded and bolted for strength and durability
  • Quick, no tools changeover

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